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The Lake Whatcom Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP) offers design assistance and financial support to Lake Whatcom watershed homeowners in Whatcom County to install native landscaping that improves yards and protects the lake. When feasible, other water quality improvements like rain gardens, underground filters, and infiltration systems can be incorporated into your HIP project. You could be eligible for up to $8,000 in financial assistance based on the amount of area improved through your HIP project. Shoreline property owners play an important role in Lake Whatcom stewardship and qualify for additional assistance to install larger projects with additional reimbursement.

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Native Landscaping

Using "right plant, right place" principles, we help you create beautiful, picturesque landscapes that can be low-maintenance and capture phosphorus in runoff to help protect water quality.

Wet Garden

Low-lying areas on your property, where runoff may pool and saturate soils, can still be landscaped without the need for extensive digging or drainage features.

Dry Creekbed

Add interest to your landscaping project by installing a false stream bed feature. No digging is needed, just add rocks as your "mulch."

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Do you have a shoreline property?

Properties that drain directly to Lake Whatcom play an important role in protecting water quality in the lake.  Learn more about additional project options available for shoreline property owners in Whatcom County.

Want additional resources to help you plan a native landscaping project?

Visit the HIP Homeowner Resources page.