COVID-19 Safety Protocols


Partner organizations have identified the Lake Whatcom Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP) to be an “essential business service” to support the protection of water quality in the Lake Whatcom watershed.

While conducting essential activities, including property site visits, HIP staff will strictly observe and comply with the social distancing and sanitation measures established by the United States Department of Labor and/or the Washington State Department of Health Guidelines. In addition, they will follow the following measures:

Prior to conducting the site visit, HIP staff will:

  • Obtain email or written authorization from the homeowner stating that a site visit is allowed and acknowledgement that the protocols for the site visit were explained by HIP staff and will be adhered to by both parties.
  • Complete a self-assessment of any common symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. If present, the site assessment will be cancelled and the HIP staff person will follow CDC guidance and report this concern to his/her supervisor.
  • The HIP staff person will conduct the site assessment alone, while homeowner remains inside their home. As the HIP staff inspects the property outside s/he can communicate with the homeowner over the phone. If it is absolutely necessary for the homeowner and HIP staff to share a common vantage to design the project, it will be outside, they will ensure that a minimum 6 feet of physical distancing is maintained at all times and wear masks. If these safeguards are not achieved and maintained, HIP staff will leave the site.
  • HIP staff will not enter any home at any time during the site visit.
  • Any willful failure of the homeowner to comply with these protocols will result in immediate termination of the site visit by HIP staff.
  • While out on site visits, HIP staff will avoid using public restrooms and return to home or office.
  • HIP staff will clean hands with sanitizer regularly (at least 60% alcohol) throughout the visit should s/he touch anything besides what was brought with (tools, note pad etc).
  • HIP staff will wash hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds before and after returning from field work.

This guidance is effective as of May 13, 2020 and will be modified, amended, or repealed as needed.