The Lake Whatcom Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP) offers technical and financial support to Lake Whatcom watershed homeowners to install native landscaping that improves yards and protects the lake.

Please scroll down to learn more about the HIP projects available for your property that will make the greatest contribution to lake protection.

To get started, register for a workshop and review custom landscape designs you can implement on your own property!

Note: Additional incentives are available for property owners who live directly on the Lake Whatcom lake shore, have creeks on their property, or have very large lawn areas. If you believe you might qualify for these additional benefits, we can check your eligibility on your behalf. Please email us by using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page. 



Native Landscaping

Using "right plant, right place" principles, we help you create beautiful, picturesque landscapes that can be low-maintenance and capture phosphorus in runoff to help protect water quality.

Wet Garden

Low-lying areas on your property, where runoff may pool from time to time, can still be landscaped without the need for extensive digging or drainage features.

Dry Creekbed

Add interest to your landscaping project by installing a false stream bed feature. No digging is needed, just install right over top of your mulch.

Next Step:

Register for a DIY Workshop

We want to make sure that HIP is appropriate for your unique property and ask that you attend a free expert-led workshop before requesting an on-site meeting with HIP staff.

Workshop participants will learn about the HIP process and receive instruction on designing and installing landscape improvement projects. After attending a workshop, you may schedule an on-site consultation with a native plant expert if you need additional assistance designing your landscape improvements.

Get started on your HIP project and register for a free, expert-led workshop today!



Sunny Shoreline Landscape Plan

If your site slopes gently toward the water, use this layout to maximize your fun in the sun.

Shoreline Connection Landscape Plan

Keeping you connected to the uses along your shoreline, this layout adds privacy from boaters and neighbors.

Shoreline Buffer Landscape Plan

Tired of the geese making a mess along your shoreline? This layout creates a barrier that doesn't detract from your water view.

Shady Creekside Landscape Plan

Along streams, use this layout to beautify your property while reducing erosion and flooding.

Part Sun Privacy Landscape Plan

Creating a border of native landscaping using this layout grows a beautiful and natural barrier while keeping your views intact.

Backyard Sanctuary Landscape Plan

Use this layout to turn an open lawn area into a private place where you can relax, entertain guests, and attract birds and butterflies.

Sunny Hillside Landscape Plan

Mowing lawns on steep slopes can be a big headache. This layout helps you envision ways to plant your hillside while maintaining that spectacular view.

Deep Shade Landscape Plan

Some native plants thrive in shady areas, where weeds and moss would otherwise grow. Use this layout if you live under tall trees or for the shady side of your lot.